It's best to enjoy the day the best way you know how. For me it's normally in my birthday suit. 🤷‍♂️

I built this upper shelf yesterday and a shelf for my screws as well. It's coming together pretty nicely if I do say so myself.

Looks like is busy processing the HD 4k version of my video. Sorry for the low res while it's processing that.

I built this shelf above my workbench yesterday. Plan to build another one above it and finish the shelf below my work bench.

I kinda want to buy a weight that's taller and heavier.. kinda liking the saggy look.


Oh no...Microsoft Teams is down and I have four meetings this afternoon. I sure hope it gets fixed soon...



Can't work again because their shit isn't working yet again. Why do major companies keep using this bs.


In a 'land of entitlements,' President Biden is facing a crisis at the border, says Rob Schmitt.


I love this photo of me from a few years ago in my yard.

For years I've enjoyed walking around my yard nude, not sure how many neighbors have spotted me nude by now out there. lol

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