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Recreated my single user instance for me to toot anything my little heart desires.

I also run which is a instance for .

I started this back up cuz some members didn't like me posting about politics at @matt.

Here I can simply just be myself. I still plan to post over at @matt too but mostly only nudes.

A bunch of my videos are back up on on my newest channel. Yeah my previous one got nuked.

Please go check out my videos and subscribe to my channel.

I really hate to beg but please re-subscribe to my . I'm working hard to re-upload any non-nude content for the prude platform.

My main got terminated. YouTube apparently defines all nudity even non-sexual nudity as porn.

Plz subscribe to my new channel and I'll only be posting vlogs and fourwheeler videos.

For everybody telling me to try Vimeo to post my nudist videos well I'm sorry to say but I've been banned from there for the exact same thing before.

As of right now my dream of educating people about via videos is dead.

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Well shit. suspended my account so there all my subscribers along with my business photography channel as well.

I had a new video where I clean out my pool scheduled for today but removed it due to nudity claiming it to be sexual when it isn't.

Guess I'll have to pay for Vimeo and make a separate channel.

Brief channel update regarding content on my channel.

Please and like/comment on my videos.

Gf not real thrilled that I posted nudist related videos on the same channel that her family, friends follow.

The thing is, I clearly identified the NSFW from the SFW videos so I don't see a problem with it.

Please sub

Dropping my first video at 8:15am cst explaining how to take nude portraits on my . Please to my channel.

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Matt Crawford

This instance was created with the purpose to give it's owner Matt Crawford a place to simply be himself & write about topics that are important in his life. You may also find nudity here from time to time.