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Recreated my single user instance for me to toot anything my little heart desires.

I also run which is a instance for .

I started this back up cuz some members didn't like me posting about politics at @matt.

Here I can simply just be myself. I still plan to post over at @matt too but mostly only nudes.

New Video is live! I visit and finish my ! Please check out the video and like and subscribe to my channel.

Uploaded a new video to admitting I'm a ! Please go like and subscribe to my channel!

I really really hate weather.. It's 70-80F for a few days and then drops clear back down to 55F just for shits and giggles for several more weeks. 🙄

What should my next video be about? Give me some ideas!

Today I would have been heading to St Louis, MO for Shutterfest had they not moved it to September this year.

Sadly, I won't be attending Shutterfest in September either because the new dates simply don't work out for my schedule.

New video is live on my channel. Please go check it out and while you are at it like and to my channel!

I got over 1k followers here. Surely some of you can follow my YouTube account please. Another video Is processing and should drop later today.

Bank has me so frustrated. I can't use my card cuz it just gets declined, I tried to call them but can't ever get through. Went to bank and confronted them face to face about the issue. Worthless bank.

I built this upper shelf yesterday and a shelf for my screws as well. It's coming together pretty nicely if I do say so myself.

Please to my channel. I need to hit at least 1k subscribers so I can monetize my videos. Thank You.

Oh yay. My video finally got finished processing in 4k over 2 days later. lol

I would love to have my subscribers back. My fans is what got me my GoPro 9 so I could start my YouTube account.

Looks like is busy processing the HD 4k version of my video. Sorry for the low res while it's processing that.

My first YouTube video is set to drop today at 8:30 on my new YouTube channel at

Please subscribe and like the video and I'll work to come up with more content for the channel.

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